Carlsbad Community of Hope Center

                                  WELCOME                                to the HOPE CENTER where Hope grows. Rebuilding our community together since 2016.

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Get to know us better

At "The Hope Center" we are  a sober Living community that helps  our clients get back on track, by providing resources  and tools that  empowers them to reintergrate back into society, through supportive services that include weekly educational classes, bibles studies, lifeskills, Computer & job training, resume writting, job search, medicaid,SSI, Mental health/drug counseling, case management services. 


The effects of homelessness on homeless people are vast and there are many varibles to consider, each persons case is unique  which range from mental/ health issues to self-medication through alcohol, & drug use that leads to addiction. in most cases these effects have cause many homeless to loose hope ,and how to cope thus causing them to alienate themselve from the rest of the world .

 SERVICES: Sober Living Community

  1. Housing  for men, women, and children for up to 90 days

  2. Case Management / Direct services (NM state ID’s Birth Certificates, S.S. Cards, Medicaid, Human services, S.S. application assistance, money management )

  3. Mail / Phone / Internet

  4. Hygiene / Clothing / Showers / Laundry/ Barber Shop

  5. Mental Health & Drug Counseling

  6. Health services / Medicaid / S.S. application assistance / Referrals to Attorney

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Educational Classes

We want to empower indiviuals with life skills that  prepare them  for the challenges  we all face daily in our world giving them the inner strenght to succeed  in society ,  feeding them  spiritually, mentally,  and physically.


  • Job / Housing / Financial preparedness

  • Health services / Education / Counseling

  • Computer skills / WordPerfect / Excel / Power Point

  • Computer Literacy

  • Creative / Resume writing

  • Nutrition

  • Bible Studies


  1. Direct Services /case management

  2. Assistance with VA Benefits

  3. Emergency assistance

  4. Transportation

We are here - to empower, encourage, and give hope to the hopeless

We want to promote personal development  that prepares individuals to become completely self-sufficient, and have the ability to maintain employment,  as best we can for the challenges that lie ahead in life..

The team

Our  Team is made up of many professionals ,  volunteers, psychiatrist, educators,  pastors, barbers,  and  alliance agencies from southeastern New Mexico :

Group and Wrap around Services :

Our goal is to work with a variety of organizations to provide the best possible support system tohelp our clients!

United Way

City of Carlsbad


Health office Carlsbad & Roswell


NM Human Services

Dr. Ron  Haugen



We at the Hope Center would like to thank  the  United Way  of Carlsbad and South Eddy County for believing in our vision to help  us help those who want help,  thus giving us the opportunity to empower  man,women, & children who live in   south eastern New Mexico

Our mission is to end homelessness in southeastern New Mexico, by restoring faith and hope these transients once had. Together with your help we can show them all things are possible.


Want to know more about our business and the services we offer? Use our website to get detailed information about us and meet our dedicated staff members. We're looking forward to working with you.